A powerful safety tool for Dock Owners

Traditional lighting systems have often been too expensive or complicated to install, leaving you with no other option than to avoid lighting your dock. Lightly Markers solve this problem with an effective, environmentally conscious way of keeping your dock safe.

Lightly Markers make illuminating the edge of your dock simple. Our technology, easy installation, and durability make adding a safety row of markers easy for thousands of dock owners.

"There's no need for more expensive conventional pathway lighting...or related maintenance"

Clean Technica

A simple, durable way to mark your dock.

Easily install any configuration of markers into your dock

Installs in a variety of surfaces, including aluminum and synthetic wood

Highest rated luminance for any light in category by industry tests

Avoid the corrosion and electrical hazard of traditional dock lighting systems

Avoid the harsh glare and light pollution caused by LED lights

Markers can withstand salty or cold environments

Manufactured & designed exclusively in the USA

Durable construction can handle the yearly set up and tear down of removable docks

And much more...

First Generation Glowing Marker
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