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Choose the Durable, Maintenance & Electricity Free Way to Mark Dangerous Areas

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Say goodbye to maintenance and monthly expense and hello to worry free path marking

When it comes to making sure your path is illuminated, there is no replacement for a dedicated lighting system — for most, these lights are hard to come by and typically demand regular maintenance and monthly bills. Lightly is your maintenance free light source, with technology that lights your pathway instantly without monthly expense or required upkeep.

Installs in a minute, lasts a lifetime

After drilling a single hole using a standard drill and 1/4" drill bit, press the light in place. From there, you have a maintenance free light source that will work immediately.

All lights are guaranteed to maintain their luminance for 5 years. Industry testing has shown a lifetime of up to 15 years.

Get on the Right Side of the Equation

Join those who are using renewable energy as a way to save money and help the environment. Choose a durable, long lasting, & more sustainable solution for increasing visibility on your path.

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Beauty in your Backyard

LED solutions have been statistically proven as inferior light sources for the quality of their light, not to mention the light pollution they cause. Even more, salty environments make corrosion unavoidable. Choose a better, simpler option.


Save the Wires, Save The Batteries, Save the Headaches

Simplicity is bliss. Forget the installation headaches and the maintenance pains. After years of working with industrial designers, your markers will look and function gracefully.

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