NASA Technology in your backyard


Lightly Labs patented design combines the power of the sun with a light emitting membrane and durable polymer to create a long-lasting, maintenance free light source.


Use the power of the sun

Even on overcast days, your lights will keep their path defining glow through the night. Industry tests have proved after 20 minutes of outdoor exposure, the Lightly Markers provide a visible glow for up to 12 hours



Rugged Durability

Lightly Lights are guaranteed to last for 5 years. Regardless of your climate -- snow, salt, or otherwise -- all Lightly Markers will be replaced without question if they lose their luminance within five years of purchase. 

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Innovative Technology

Using a patented light source and defense grade polymer coating, Lightly Markers have adapted a technology that has been used in areas off the electrical grid for years by the scientific community.

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